North Country Creamery
Contact: Ashlee & Steven
Address: 931 Mace Chasm Road Keeseville, NY, 12944
Email Address:
Phone: 518-645-2697
About Us
North Country Creamery is a 115-acre farm located on Mace Chasm Road in the town of Keeseville. Owners Ashlee Kleinhammer and Steven Googin operate the small-scale, premium dairy which produces cheese, milk, and yogurt from an on-farm, grass-fed milking herd. In addition to the dairy operations, they operate Clover Mead Cafe & Farmstore. The farm store offers North Country Creamery dairy products, as well as a variety of farmstead, organic, and local produce, while the café serves baked goods and made-to-order sandwiches throughout the year.
North Country Creamery is a 100% grassfed, Non-GMO, NYS Grown & Certified, and Animal Welfare Approved dairy in Keeseville, NY. We produce and sell an array of farmstead cheeses, creamline yogurts, & raw milk!