Contact: Susie Smith
Address: 228 Clark Road Essex, NY, 12936
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Phone: 518-925-7535
About Us
Dak Bar is handcrafted in the Adirondacks, where we love to play in its wild places. We strive to keep those places wild by supporting environmental organizations like the Adirondack Council and the Wildlife Conservation Society that protect the integrity of Adirondack wilderness areas. Join us in keeping the Adirondack Park FOREVER WILD.
Dak Bar uses the purest, most nutrient-dense ingredients while creating uniquely distinctive flavors that taste great. Our goods are as whole and as close to nature as possible; no brown rice syrup or soy protein isolates here - just completely identifiable food that your body knows what to do with. And Gluten-Free!

· Unaltered sources of protein from nuts & seeds give a balanced energy burn.

· Untamed sweeteners from honey & maple syrup are used sparingly, so no annoying sugar crashes.

· Natural fat sources from butter and coconut that are easily broken down and utilized for energy.

· Nutritional completeness and energy-sustaining ingredients = a great meal replacement bar.